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Introducing the Marker One…

Introducing Marker One, Cobalt Boats’ reinterpretation of the traditional pontoon boat.  This boat features an innovative hull design with large tube diameters, lifting strakes and chines that produce a comfortable and quiet ride and controlled stability in turns.  The premium grade aluminum hull is bolted through a structural stringer system to an upper fiberglass deck.  No plywood is included in the design, eliminating rot that plagues other manufacturers. Also gone are the flimsy “fences” that traditionally surround the hull of a pontoon boat.  In their place are sturdy fiberglass sidewalls that add stability to the ride, while dampening vibration throughout the interior.  Cobalt’s attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident throughout the interior exemplified by the leather wrapped sport wheel, aluminum dash panels, sealed stainless steel switches and dual digital multifunction gauges.

The engineering and creativity that long ago established Cobalt as the best made runabout in the world, is evident in the design of the Marker One.  We love the look and feel of the boat, and think that you will too.  Please call us for more information, or to become the first Marker One owner in New England!


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