Goodhue & Hawkins
244 Sewall Rd Wolfeboro, NH 03894
Phone: 603-569-2371

Slips & Moorings


At Goodhue & Hawkins Navy Yard we offer boat slips for rent and for sale. Our slips vary in size, and can accommodate up to a 30 foot boat. Our rental slips can be reserved for the day, week or season (we do not currently rent our slips by the month). Dock ownership provides non-waterfront property owners a chance to possess a piece of paradise on Wolfeboro Bay, while allowing easy access to the water in season.

All dock renters and owners have 24-hour access to our parking area and restroom with shower included, and access to our gas dock and ship’s store during business hours. Please call us at 603-569-2371 for slip pricing and availability.


Moorings on Lake Winnipesaukee are hard to come by, and we have ten of them for rent just off of our docks. Our moorings can accommodate boats up to 32 feet in length with normal displacement in water depth up to 45 feet. We maintain the underwater part of the mooring, while each boat owner is responsible to make sure the lines to their boat are of sufficient size and in good condition to handle their vessel. Most of our moorings are used by sailboats but powerboats can be accommodated as well.

As with dock renters and owners, all mooring renters have 24-hour access to our parking area and restrooms. Call us now at 603-569-2371 for pricing and availability.